Should You Feel Guilty About Your Employees After The Sale Takes Place?

05.23.19 Part One: Personal and Emotional Issues - Question & Answer #8

Question: Should you feel guilty about your employees after the sale takes place?

Short answer: No.

Longer Answer:
As a business owner who is selling, you have absolutely no cause to feel guilty or responsible for your employee’s after you have sold your company.  Remember for years you have provided them with jobs, careers, opportunities, salaries, and benefits. 

The closing of the sale of your company is YOUR payday.  Don’t let your payday get tainted with undeserved guilt fostered by your employee’s.  Your employees should understand that although it is your payday as the owner, it is also their payday as well, your employees may be given a chance to purchase stock.  Privately held businesses are frequently sold to larger companies-often publicly traded ones, which usually will provide employees with better long-term career opportunities, better compensation, and better benefits packages than your business ever could.  

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