BOSS | Business Owners Strategic Symposium Recap 2019


Thank you to everyone who made BOSS | Business Owners Strategic Symposium a huge success.  Thank you to all our wonderful guest speakers: Lara Merriken (Founder of LÄRABAR), Walter C. Rakowich, Sean Campbell (CEO/Principal of FORMATIV), Dr. Matt Norkunas (CFO of SomaLogic), and Ryan Kirkpatrick (Partner of Colorado Impact Fund).  Thank you to our sponsor J.J Hanley at J.P. Morgan and thank you to all our guests who attended and to those who couldn’t attend but registered.  BOSS Session video recaps are in the process of getting finalized and will be completed soon, so if you missed any part of BOSS or couldn't attend be sure to check back with us via our website or our social media channels for recap announcements.  None of BOSS was possible without all of the support from everyone, thank you all.


BOSS Photos:

Walt Rakowich on "Leading from Within."

Sean Campbell CEO of FORMATIV on "RINO: Why Live, Work & Play Communities are Thriving. Navigating the Bureaucracy."

Lara Merriken Founder of LÄRABAR on "The Entrepreneurial Evolution."

MB Law's Lisa D’Ambrosia on "Current Trends Driving the Private Sector Mergers & Acquisitions Market."

Lara Merriken with MB Law's Kylie Alstrup

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