What will I do after I have sold my business?

Many business owners are wary of selling their businesses unless they can envision “life after the sale”. It is difficult for these owners to foresee a personal identity separate from that of owner. Relax. If the sale generates more cash than you’ll ever need the answers become much easier. Instead of focusing on what it takes to survive, you will be free to focus on fulfilling yourself as a person. Each day you will paint a new canvas no longer blurred by employees, bankers, customers, and vendors. Most former owners re-channel their energies into new ventures that create additional wealth with less financial and personal risk. They relish telling their buddies they are “looking at deals”.

Others attack their bucket list. It takes time to absorb the fact that you are off that disciplined, high-speed treadmill that was your former business life. It is imperative that you learn to relax and do activities that allow that “kid” inside you to reemerge. Splurge! Don’t feel guilty about not being at the office. This is your time to start enjoying your newly acquired freedom. You have earned it. You deserve it.

After the initial period of adjustment, you will wonder how you ever had enough time to run your business. One last assurance, never once has a client returned and complained, “Gee, Ned, I wish I had never sold my business.” Life after the sale will be extraordinary, now that you have the time, and financial resources, to do whatever you choose.