Annual Minutes

Clients, friends and business owners: Did you receive a green envelope that states “IMPORTANT, Annual Minutes Requirement Statement?” The envelope is said to be from Compliance Services, and looks like a government envelope. 

Here’s the catch; it’s not! 

Filing of annual minutes with the State is not a government requirement, yet this document makes it seem like it is, plus the kicker: they want you to pay them a fee to do this for you.

Here’s the real scoop: Annual Minutes make your life easier, yes! Annual Minutes help you avoid problems in your business down the road, and can help prevent owners from being personally liable for company debts, BUT, they are not required to be filed by the Government. 

Sure, one can read the fine print on the document which states: “You can engage an attorney to prepare them, prepare them yourself, use some other service company, or use our services.” But seriously, this is a solicitation letter from someone you don’t know, and who knows if they will actually prepare the minutes for you after you pay the $125.00 fee.

If you did receive such a letter, give us a call. We can help you sort this out.

Advertisement: This information is for general purposes only and is not intended to constitute any specific legal advice of any type.