Estate Planning, Probate, and Estate and Trust Administration

Minor & Brown has assisted individuals and families throughout Colorado with their estate planning, probate and estate/trust administration needs for nearly 40 years.  We understand the intricacies of the federal and state tax laws as they apply to an estate, and appreciate each client’s special goals and needs at every stage of life.

Many of our clients are high net worth individuals, as well owners of closely-held businesses with their unique set of estate planning challenges. Regardless, all clients share certain fundamental common goals including:

  • Ensuring that their assets pass  to the proper family members
  • Protecting inheritances from creditors, lawsuits and failed marriages
  • Minimizing the burden of estate and income taxes,  as well as post-death administrative expenses
  • Avoiding family disputes after death
  • Avoiding court intervention in the event of incapacity 

We have earned a reputation for skillfully and creatively navigating the complexities of estate planning and family dynamics to design estate plans that meet each client’s special circumstances. Listening carefully and making the complex understandable are the keys to a successful client relationship in the estate planning field.  

Practice Strengths

Minor & Brown helps its estate planning and probate clients with a variety of complex issues, including:

  • Providing for children of previous marriages
  • Making funds available to children at the right times for the right reasons
  • Ensuring the continuation of a business
  • Arranging for income and for the management of assets in case of disability
  • Guiding a physician and family in case of incapacitating terminal illness or injury

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