MB Secured Extranet

An early adopter of using secured extranets, Minor & Brown recognized the importance of using technology to enhance business communications and workflow, and to give business clients and outside counsel a way to work with us more efficiently.  Our high-capacity, secure Data Room provides a safe, fast and dependable private site where clients anywhere in the world can store, organize, share and continually update key documents across a wide variety of needs and applications, including:

  • Document production, due diligence and review for merger and acquisition transactions
  • The litigation process, such as large-volume document production and discovery and sharing exhibits
  • Real estate deals, where contracts and other agreements can be easily and securely stored and shared
  • Estate and probate, including collaboration with advisors on key documents

We configure clients’ Data Rooms specifically to meet their needs, such as specifying document access rights and targeting any document's availability to individuals or groups at any time. This secure Data Room ­ established in 2006 and continuously updated since then ­ is available to our clients 24/7, and easily accessed via a portal and personal login on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.  Yavonne Hinton, the firm's Data Room/Extranet Administrator, confirms, "It enhances all of our client relationships."   

Practice Strengths

Minor & Brown clients have access to their most important company data whenever they need it, and they especially utilize our Data Room in certain strategic areas: 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions.  Our secure Data Room is an efficient and effective tool in acquisitions and mergers. The site provides an interface for clients, potential buyers, merger partners, opposing counsel and other client or buyer advisors, where memoranda and due diligence documents may be reviewed. 
  • Company Records.  Our clients know the importance of maintaining a complete and comprehensive set of company records, which reflect the status of the company's ownership and its current and historical governing documents, along with other important paperwork. Clients also know that at some time, a copy of a record or document may be needed on short notice. MB Secured provides quick access to company records at any time, from anywhere. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a user ID and password.  Clearly labeled folders indicate where documents are located. 
  • Transactions.  Business transactions can be time-consuming and document heavy. Costs for seller-clients – for scanning, printing and delivering due diligence to potential buyers and their advisors – can increase quickly as well. Plus, there is always the problem of tracking who receives what and when it is received. MB Secured helps keep costs down and deals moving forward by providing a secure, central repository for all the transaction's documentation and due diligence, available 24/7.