Real Estate

We help our clients find a home for their business.  Real estate is an integral part of every business owner’s decision.  Regardless of whether the decision is to lease, buy or build a new facility, Minor & Brown works with our clients through the entire process to completion.  We will draft and negotiate their lease agreement, purchase and sale agreement or design build contract; provide guidance in structuring the choice of entity in which to hold the real estate to maximize income, gift and estate tax planning objectives; as well as structure and negotiate with the financing sources for their commercial real estate project.  

Real estate creates unique opportunities for the business owner, not only to control the destiny of their physical environment for the business, but also to achieve personal goals for wealth transfer to children and other family members who may or may not be actively involved in the business.  Real estate offers our business owners not only security of their location, but planning opportunities to achieve their personal goals.  As business lawyers, we approach every real estate transaction – whether personal or commercial – as not only an opportunity, but also with the attention that it needs with regard to legal implications, tax implications and estate and business consequences.  “We understand 360° planning within the context of the client’s business and personal needs,” says Lisa D’Ambrosia, one of the firm’s real estate attorneys.

Experience has taught us to take nothing for granted. Leases ­their importance is often overlooked- ­ "are the most complex, least appreciated document a business will sign," according to Jim Thomas, one of the firm's real estate lawyers. "It’s not JUST a lease, but rather a decision that carries significant financial liabilities over a long time for an extended period of time."

Practice Strengths

Minor & Brown represents its clients in commercial and high-end residential real estate transactions associated with a business need, such as business growth, or an exit or succession plan. Accordingly, we help with:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Leasing
  • Exchanging
  • Financing